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Gratitude and happiness

They say happiness is an inside job. What if I told you half the job is not hard work at all? And you could find a boost of happiness anywhere, anytime, right about now? Sounds tempting? All you need to do is stop and notice. 

Gratitude is one of our most important sources of happiness, and you can have that right away! Pause whatever you are doing for a second and ask yourself “What am I thankful for right now?”. Give it a go. Think of at least 3 answers, they can be absolutely anything, a warm cup of coffee sitting right in front of you at your desk; a text message from a friend that made you smile; being alive. Small medium big outlandish or tiny and silly, IT DOES NOT matter WHAT you can think of; the important bit lies in recognising and appreciating all the tiny joys that we’re blessed with every day. As with everything else it helps to practice so my tip for today is to slowly embrace gratitude as a new habit. Pause once a day, maybe when you’re sitting with your coffee before starting the day, or when you’re brushing your teeth before sleeping, and ask yourself: “What are 3 things I’m grateful for today?”. Try it out for a few days and see how you feel having done this, right after the exercise and then overall during the week. Repeat as needed 💕💕 

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