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Reiki healing

Beautiful day today and I’m off to deliver Reiki healing to some family members. One thing I love about it is that the ego has no place in it for the healer is a vessel, someone who acts in service. Reiki is universal life energy; it promotes physical emotional and spiritual healing and wellbeing by releasing pent up or blocked energy and restoring healthy energy circulation through the body and mind.  

Reiki helps letting go of what needs to, and invites positive radiating light and love to both the giver and the receiver’s aura. It’s always beneficial to set an intention for your session. What are you choosing to let go of? What are you choosing to invite? What are you affirming?

Energy flows where it needs to and supports you going forward in your path. If you’re curious to try or want to know more feel free to get in touch. Wishing you all a blessed Sunday 🌟🙏💖 . 

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