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Review your accomplishments

2017 is almost over and I imagine a lot of us might be thinking about setting new goals and targets for 2018 so here’s a small tip. Before doing that, Take a moment to review the year that’s been and all you have done and accomplished so far, no matter how big or small or in what area of your life. • It’s super important and helpful to acknowledge and remember our accomplishments. • Why? Two main reasons: 1. This boosts our self esteem and confidence renewing our inner strength and allowing us to celebrate ourselves for all that we get through 2. It increases drive and motivation which come in handy when prepping for new goals and plans, helping us face what’s yet to come with renewed enthusiasm and positivity. . • How? Ask yourself these questions: ~ What’s one thing I have achieved? ~ What’s one thing I have overcome? ~ What’s one thing I have learnt? . • You can do this month by month or for longer periods, and you can list as many answers as you can think of, the more the better. . • Notice how I’ve also included things we’ve overcome and learnt? That’s because sometimes the achievement is just that. Maybe something didn’t go as planned yet what’s important is that it has taught you a lesson or that you developed a strength or skill in the process. Resilience is a great example. • How do you feel after having done this? Let me know in the comments!

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