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3 simple tips for reducing low level online stress

Happy Monday, how are you all feeling today? Love it or hate it Monday is a new start and since we generally have a whole bunch of things to get through at the beginning of the week I thought I’ll share 3 really simple tips to reduce low level stress and increase our productivity. We have enough to think about in life so it makes sense to implement small but effective strategies to deal with minor stress factors; the ones I’m sharing here are to do with our online life, they take one second to implement, no effort, and they have proven really beneficial in my case so I hope you’ll find them basic but useful.

1. Turn off Facebook notifications on your phone: this means you open the site when you freely choose to rather than feeling like you need to keep up with buzzing and popping numbers

2. Unfollow: you have this lovely option on Facebook to unfollow pages or groups while remaining a part of them; this allows you to dive in and engage when you choose to without being constantly receiving all their updates which can get intense sometimes

3. Unsubscribe: how many newsletters or random websites have you given your email to which now end up cluttering your inbox? Go ahead and unsubscribe from all old newsletters which are no longer relevant or interesting to you: you’ll feel a lot better with a clean, uncluttered mailbox which only has relevant up to date mail.

Basic, simple and effective! Try any or all of them out for a bit, and notice if you feel any different as a result. What other tips do you use to reduce low level stress? Let me know what you think in the comments! Have a good week everyone 🎀

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