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On rest, recovery and reflection

It’s Wednesday the third of Jan and I haven’t published a post reviewing the year that’s been. I am yet to formally set down my resolutions and intentions for the year. I am still quietly mulling over my reflections from 2017. Monday I had a lie in. And all this is ok. I’ve been learning to accept this more and more in recovery (which may I remind isn’t linear). Rest is ok. Relaxation is ok. Reflection is ok. Each has something important to give you. And you don’t always need to be hustling to be moving forward.

• Respecting and following our pace is more constructive than struggling to keep up that of someone else - different things work for different people - rather than feeling the need to run with the crowds, take a moment to consider what works for you. sometimes pressure can play against us - me for example, I don’t function at my best when I feel I need to scramble. My brain responds to quiet, organic process. 

• Yet I also sometimes struggle with the feeling of not being ‘productive’. If you struggle taking time off coz you think of it as a waste, try reframing your idea of productivity, coz there is value to be found in each different moment. Ask yourself what that something gives you. Eg: *What do I get from rest? *What do I have more of after I’ve rested? *What do I have less of? *What does resting enable me to do? *What do I achieve by stopping to reflect? • Have a look at your answers for a moment and see if you feel any different about your time off. Coz really, if you do take time off but feel constantly guilty while you’re at it, you’re denying yourself all the benefits of downtime. Again it helps to ask yourself some questions: what do I need to let go of in order for me to enjoy this relaxing time? What do I need to believe instead? • These are simple questions just to get you started. When we stop to think about our thoughts, feelings and behaviours we allow ourselves to achieve greater clarity and awareness, and those are the first steps towards personal growth and change!  

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