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Be kind to yourself!

Yes baby! Following on my previous post on reviewing your accomplishments, a small note: we can be our own worst critics and really be tough on ourselves sometimes. Contrary to what one might think, being extra hard on ourselves doesn’t help anyone, not us, not others, not the world. Push yourself to grow, challenge yourself by all means - but do it with kindness always. 

No one gets motivated to achieve something by being put down or told they are flops. Acknowledging success on the other hand helps us go even further. So does self compassion. The nicer we are to ourselves, the nicer we are to the world. And you know what’s best? Much like kindness, self kindness and self compassion are contagious. You can be an example of self love to those around you. 

Show someone else that it is ok to make mistakes, to not be perfect, to fall and try again. Some of my favourite people are those who have shown me just that, that you can be a good friend to yourself and everything is just a little better as a result. So go ahead, be a little kinder to yourself and let that kindness spread to the world. 💕 

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