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All services I offer are personalized and unique to our collaboration.
We discuss mutual expectations, desires and preferences during an open consultation; the journey that follows will be co-created.
Individual Coaching


I offer one to one sessions, in person, on Skype or over the phone.

Whether there is a specific outcome you'd like to achieve, or whether you want to gain insight into your thoughts, behaviours and emotions, we'll do some thinking, help you gain clarity, uncover and remove unhelpful patterns, thoughts or narratives that might be holding you back, and develop your resources to get you where you want to be, all round wellness. What is holding you back?

Sexual Wellness


After 2 years of collaboration with a mental health platform, I have developed a solid and functional approach to matters of sexual wellness, from personal sexuality, gender identity, intimacy, to cross dressing and gender dysphoria. I offer an emphatic, confidential and warm space where such issues are discussed with the delicate touch they require yet also like any other issue so as to fight stigma.

Relationships & Couple Coaching


I'm a trained Relationship & Couple coach. Relationships fascinate me as they form the network of our daily life, and they have a profound impact on its quality. I help men and women navigate the world of singleton or dating, and I work with individuals or couples looking to create more functional dynamics and a solid, balanced and fulfilling relationship. 



Reiki is universal life energy. Sessions are profoundly relaxing and stress reducing; even more, they offer natural healing and help you restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Powerful in their own right, they can well complement and support coaching work.

Mental Health Awareness and Support

1 person in 4 struggles with mental health. Suicide is the biggest killer of all. It is high time we devote attention to mental health. Based on personal experience, I have been an avid advocate for mental health awareness in order to fight the stigma which wants us to stay quiet. Stigma lives in ignorance and it is for this reason that the more I go on, the more I choose to share my experience and expertise in the hope of inspiring even one person, or to help them realise they are not alone. I am available for articles and public speaking. I also offer coaching/support to those struggling with their mental health, in an effort to develop functional coping mechanisms and improve overall wellbeing.

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