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Coaching offers you space to think, and a mirror to really see yourself. Through insightful questions, reflection and feedback, coaching conversations facilitate change and personal growth, deepen self-awareness and act as a catalyst for improvement in any area of your life. With you in the driving seat, the coaching process is empowering, it develops your resilience and reinforces your sense of agency over your life.

Maybe you feel lost in transition, unsure where to go next,

unable to move on and let go?

Or you find yourself held back by negative beliefs about who you are.

Maybe you are stuck in your head, and disconnected from your core?

Or you feel overwhelmed by your emotions?

You might be struggling to find a partner, or looking to improve your relationship?

Change of any kind, involves a transition. Transitions can feel challenging, confusing and frightening. Yet, they are also full of possibilities, of reinvention and new beginnings. 

Whether you want to move from self-criticism to self-acceptance, from being single to coupled, from dysfunctional patterns to fulfilling relations, or whether you are going through a significant life changeI will walk alongside you as you create a path that feels right for you, embrace your authentic self and move towards a life well lived and emotional well being



Each coaching relationship is a unique collaboration, and the way we work together will be co-created organically.

My style is emergentexplorative and person-centred. You are the expert of your life. My role is not to advise you or tell you what to do; agency is key - you'll have to put in the work. 

I'll support you, and help you find your own answers; the ones that feel right for you. Inspired by existential approaches, I particularly enjoy working with the 'here and now', using the coaching relationship  as a tool of exploration into your way of being and relating in the world. 

How do you want to show up?

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