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A moment to be grateful

I have generally thought of myself as a kind person. I believe that energy resonates and attracts energy and I've been blessed with much kindness in the course of my life. But as I slowed down the last few weeks, I noticed something. I'd been taking my own sense of being for granted. And whilst grateful for all I receive, I wasn’t being grateful for who I can be, or what I, tiny human, can do. For the gift of being grateful itself. As I stopped for a moment, I soaked in the warmth pouring in from appreciating just that. What a beauty it is to be able to say thank you. What soul filling joy, having a smile for a stranger; a word for a friend. I feel fortunate - not only for all I have, but also for the opportunity to give back. For having been brought up with values that support me in being the person I am. For steady foundations that keep me grounded - even when the world feels unsteady. For the time and space to recognise and appreciate what matters. I am grateful for this morning's light. For my schooldays' friend coming to visit soon. For knowing our love’s so strong we can scream when we are mad; for the hugs that will always follow. For a peer reaching out just to ask how I am. For Jake from Amazon who made sure I received my precious books on time. For waking up to a lovely message from Wickedcalmcandles (check out their work) and for the support of my Instagram fam. For having this sharing space. I'm grateful for my own hard work too - for the small daily steps that help me grow and progress. For the Universe working behind the scenes to manifest blessings big and small. And for my mom's voice in the background, reminding me miracles happen everyday ✨💕✨

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