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A gift from my nephew

I love receiving gifts of art from my little nephew. His smile as he gives with such generosity; that pure, unconditional giving without expectation, something as adults we sometimes struggle to do.

I love how creative he is and how much of him speaks through his works. I am thankful to him for he invites me to play - reminding me that play is soul nourishing, age 7, or age 33.

This is his latest present. Looking at the photo just now, what came up for me was the symbolism of the elements: warm, solid roots of wood, grounding to the Earth, foundations; a bright feather, air, the sky, flying, soaring. A red satin ribbon, smooth, connecting the two, gentle but unwavering, a bond of love. Grounded yet expansive.

I wonder what inspired him, and then I think, children have an intuitive wisdom, an intrinsic knowledge - it is as adults that we seem to lose touch, to unlearn.

Children gift us a chance, a moment to remember. And what a gift that is.

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