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Sulu Fontana is a wonderful space holder; offering deep listening to her clients in a way that lets them lay themselves out in front of themselves, feel witnessed and grow. I recommend her coaching to anyone seeking the courage to face themselves and begin to transform. 

A, London

When I first started the coaching sessions I was recovering from a year of taking care of my father who had suffered from a stroke and looking to change careers and set up something by myself but unsure which direction to go in. After the sessions, I feel like I have processed many of the emotions related to the sickness of my father, have more awareness on how to look after myself and have clarity on the direction of my career and a very clear plan moving forward. ​

L, London


Like a good fairy, Sulu appeared at an exceptionally challenging time when both my parents were ill and I was trying to set up a venture in a new field. I needed encouragement just to keep putting one foot in front of the other and taking the necessary steps without being attached to the outcomes. Sulu's warm and empathetic presence guided me through this wobbly time and a few months later I have been through a business development course at Oxford University and now have my own website up and running, and an exciting new creative project in my life too. There is nothing like having someone rooting for you and most importantly having faith in your ability to reinvent yourself when you are full of doubts!

E, London 


I found the sessions helpful at a difficult time for me. I felt supported emotionally and practically and found the change in my state from overwhelmed to empowered insightful. The sessions really helped me to find more balance emotionally within a session and helped me to decide on next steps and be motivated to act on them.

P, London

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