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Where do you go when you look away?

"Where do you go when you look away?"

It's funny how sometimes something you really need finds a way of entering your life serendipitously - like a ray of sunshine, a gentle, warm caress or indeed, the fierce, intense roar of a thunderstorm. I did not choose mindfulness as part of my training; I felt familiar with the principles enough, and to be completely honest, I seem to develop some sort of resistance to anything when it becomes a trending buzzword, no matter how good; silly I know. It was only two months ago that I tried Kale for the first time. I've been thinking about presence a lot these days. An unexpected turn of events has meant closing my diary and taking it all back to basics. No set plans, no crossing lines. I have a lot more time to think; which also means I live minutes as they come - one - one - one. In mindful awareness, consciously shifting from the mind and ego towards the felt experience.

Focusing on the senses, tuning into knowledge intrinsic, rather than learnt.

Listening. Observing. Being. Here. Now.

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