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Not getting what you want

I've been in a bad mood for 3 days because of not getting something I wanted (yes, I hear how that sounds)!

After moaning about the unfairness of life and cursing my own ineptitude, I did some thinking to get perspective on potential learnings from the 'not getting', and I realised I was just as annoyed at being annoyed as I was about things not going my way.

I was not only finding fault with external events but also berating myself for my emotions (a great recipe to keep yourself stuck in whatever unpleasantness).

So today, I've decided enough with the blame game, enough with resentment; I'm accepting personal responsibility, being an adult again, and taking my power back. Starting this Friday by compiling a Book of Abundance (recommended in Susan Jeffers' Feel the fear and do it anyway) listing all the fantastic stuff I DO have in my life. That, and an almond milk peanut butter and oat smoothie. I really am pretty lucky. Good morning ☀️💕☀️

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