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A weekend at the Beltane Fire Festival

Inspired. I've been blessed with a magical weekend at the Beltane Fire Festival. Camping tingles memory to bring me back to childhood. Liberated, wholesome spirit; joyful, joyful laughter. Walking through the woods amidst a mystical cloud of bluebells, I rediscover nature; dancing free to drumming sounds, I'm a woman, thumping to the ground, back to this Earth I belong to. I reconnect to this physical form, move and stretch it - I shake off the past; chanting mantras I hold and celebrate my body; meditating to the healing sound of gongs, I see this felt transformation walking from shadow into light; browns for stability, humility and comfort - yellows for identity, self confidence, abundance. White, bright light. Blissful I pay homage to the Earth; lying on the grass, a hand to the ground and one to the heart. Grounding, nurturing, nourishing - Mother, I have returned. All around me, kindred souls, wearing smiles and smiling eyes. What beauty in the Other; reflections of kindness, gently resonating. Compassion takes all place of judgement; acceptance, the letting go of control. Mindful rituals to create spacious, expansive structure, no tight structure tying us in. Fluidity. Everything is as it is. And love, whole heart, so much love and connectedness - belonging, more than fitting in. My soul rejoices. Intimacy starts from within us and flows abundant.

Come back to the source; receive openly, and gratefully.

Acknowledge, honour the divine in you; express the essence of your soul.

Hug yourself, hug another, hug a tree.

We are One - this Universe.

Be kind. Be wild. Be you.


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